Dear John and Theo (Year Two)

Dear John Silas,

Happy birthday, Johnny! I can’t believe you are two years old.  You have grown and learned so much in the past year.  You are tender and sweet, but also a ball of energy!  You wear me out most days.  One minute you are sitting on the couch cuddling your teddy bear and the next you are running loops from your bedroom to the kitchen.  You love singing and dancing, especially while Daddy plays guitar.  Your signature move is spinning in circles (brother always joins in, too).  If you could be outside all day you would, but this summer heat wipes us out pretty quick!  You enjoy using your shovel to move dirt and you particularly love to pick up dirt and dump it on your head.  This always ends badly because Daddy and I have to work really hard to get the dirt out of your hair and you hate getting water in your eyes.   You are a notorious toy thief, but thankfully Theo doesn’t mind much (but if he takes a toy from you, you mind VERY much).  You like to copy your brother and a lot of the time that gets you into trouble.  Cars, trucks, tractors, and anything with wheels gets you excited.  We took you to Touch-a-Truck with Grammie and Papa a couple months ago and you had the time of your life.  You got to sit on a digger, run on a trailer, touch a firetruck….it was bliss.  I love talking with you – you know so many words and can repeat everything I say! You pick up on things so quickly it’s crazy.  If you were a couple feet taller you could make a cup of coffee for yourself.  You know to get “daddy’s coffee cup,” “shake” the creamer, push the “button,” and add “sugar in there.”  One thing you and I have in common is that we both love to sleep.  Your brother is always waking us up and we both need some time to adjust to the daylight.  You snuggle your lion every night and love being tucked into bed.  You like to pray with us, which always melts my heart.  You usually say something like, “Hi, God. Thank you, God. Siah. Trip.”  (You love your friends Josiah and Trip!) I love being your mommy and I am so thankful for you, my sweet John.




Dear Theophilus James,

Happy birthday, Theo! I can’t believe you are such a big boy.  All your chunky baby features are gone and you are so very active! Climbing on tables, standing in chairs, grabbing Daddy’s cereal and dumping it on the floor, throwing food, dumping your water everywhere……you keep me on my toes (and let’s be honest, you visit time-out a lot).  We love to sing songs from music class together, especially the Teddy Bear song.  Lately we have been including teddy bear while we eat.  He gets a chair next to you and after you’re done eating you feed him his food and water.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be yogurt (aka “gogo”).  You ask for “gogo” at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You and your brother have become picky eaters, but I can always get you to eat macaroni and cheese (it’s one of my favorites, too).  You love to color and play with stickers.  You are learning your colors and can count to 10 (minus 9…that one always gets left out!).  Daddy and I think you might be very athletic one day.  You have a good arm and can go so fast on your bike!  You’ve wiped out quite a few times from taking turns too quickly, but it doesn’t seem to phase you.  You also busted your lip a few months ago when you and brother escaped out the front door and ran down the driveway.  There was a lot of blood, but all you needed was a little bit of glue (I was so glad you didn’t need stitches).  Lately you and John seem to have reversed rolls – whenever I drop you off, you are the first one to cry and yell, “Mommy!” and John doesn’t seem to care as much.  You like to snuggle with me when you wake up from your nap (usually an hour before John wakes) and I love it. You are my little helper – you sweep, dust, put things in the trash, and bring in laundry from the garage.  There is a certain sweetness about you that I just love.  I hope you always have it, even if you grow up to become some big, tough linebacker.  I love being your mommy.  I am so thankful for you, my sweet Theo.






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