Dear John and Theo

Dear John Silas,

Happy birthday!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I met you.  You were so tiny with so much hair!  Now you’re a big boy….and the hair is still working on coming back evenly.  You love going on walks, looking out the window watching summer rain showers, and sitting on my lap reading books (you are an excellent page turner).  You’re a pro at saying “dada” and say “mama” when you feel like it.  You love making the “s” sound and it often turns into spitting.  Brother always joins in.  You clap hands, give high fives, and shake your head “no” as often as possible.  Your smile is adorable and kind of goofy looking with your two front teeth.  Blueberries, bananas, and chicken are your favorite foods.  You like to hit the spoon when I’m feeding you.  It creates quite a mess, but you get so excited!  Before I even have time to get a rag and wipe it up you’ve got sweet potatoes in your hair, eyebrows, and ears.  You like to tip the laundry basket, take all the clothes out, and crawl inside (and now brother is copying you).  In the past month you’ve become very clingy and scared of strangers.  Sometimes it’s hard for me (I feel bad when I have to leave you and you’re screaming) but deep down it makes me feel really special that you want me to stay.  New things scare you, but you usually warm up.  You love it when daddy plays guitar and when he stops you clap for more.  You adore your brother.  I hope you boys are best friends forever.  I thank God every day for creating you.  Your name means “God is gracious” and you are a daily reminder of the grace He has shown us.  We have so many hopes and dreams for you little man.  We enjoy every moment we get with you.




Dear Theophilus James,

Happy birthday!  I still remember the sound of your cry when I first met you.  I thought jeez, he’s got a set of lungs on him, and you do!  You love getting kisses from Burgh and Georgia and playing stinky feet with daddy.  You smile when I give you kisses and bury your head in my chest when you’re sleepy.  It took you a while to say “dada” but you figured out “mama” quickly thereafter.  You’ve got a couple pounds on your brother and it’s no wonder why – you love food!  I don’t think you’ve ever refused to eat, but you have started dropping food on the floor while looking at me with a sneaky little smile. You like to explore and always seem to end up somewhere you shouldn’t be.  You think throwing things out of your playpen or over the baby gate is hilarious.  Your brother is your buddy.  You love to tackle and nuzzle him, and steal his pacifier even when you have your own.  You love being silly and scrunching your nose – it’s the cutest!  You were the first to stand on your own and you were so proud! Every time you stand up you get a big grin on your face….I think you are going to take off pretty soon.  You are a delight and I’m so thankful I get to be your mama.  Your name means “friend of God” and your daddy and I pray every day that you come to know and love the Lord.  You are a daily reminder of His friendship toward us and we are so thankful.  We can’t wait to see what He has in store for you!





One thought on “Dear John and Theo

  1. I love these letters to the boys. I anticipate there will be more! What a great legacy for them as they grow. I am so thankful to be a friend of the family and be involved in their lives.

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