The Things People Say When They See Two Babies

For some reason I thought the questions would stop after my giant basketball belly disappeared.  False.  My quick ten-item grocery outings turn into hour-long trips from all the questions and comments I receive when people see two babies.  You know when you break a bone and people see your cast and ask what happened?  In the beginning you don’t mind recounting your clumsy fall down the stairs, but a couple weeks later you are just about done telling your story for the one hundredth time and decide to come up with something more exciting.  So yeah….sometimes I want to tell people I stole them from the hospital or that they’re cloned or from a different planet.  But usually I’m nice and say normal things.  These are the top questions and comments I get about the boys.

Are they twins?!!!!!!!!!  (lots of exclamation points because it’s usually asked very enthusiastically)

This one gets me every time.  To me it’s pretty obvious they are twins.  I guess that’s because I am their mother.  I suppose it’s not a silly question, but when I’ve heard it for the fifth time in forty-five minutes it feels silly. It might be a more legitimate question if you see two kids that look slightly different, or look the same age but are different genders.  However, I have two babies that are the same size and look the same.  Yes, they are twins.

Are they identical?

This is an okay question.  Most of the time they follow up with:

How can you tell them apart?

I’m their mom….I just can.  That may be a lame answer but it’s true!  One looks like John and the other looks like Theo.  There are no magic markers to distinguish them.  Theo has a chunkier face, but this varies because they get bigger every day and John is catching up.  I also think Theo’s eyes are a bit more rounded.

Is it a boy and a girl?

SERIOUSLY.  First, if someone says this after asking if they’re identical, I will not answer.  Second, I dress them in boy-colored clothing.  I don’t think I’ve ever put them in anything even neutral.  And whenever I’m asked this, they always think poor Theo is the girl.  Why Theo?  I have no idea.

Do twins run in your family?

I see now that I will be answering this question until I die.  See my pregnancy post.

What a nice stroller!  What kind is it?

I’m considering contacting Joovy and demanding compensation for the time I spend marketing their product.  I really do love their double stroller.  It’s super easy to get the boys in and out when we’re on the go.  Their car seats snap right into the frame and there’s a basket underneath where I can put a small amount of groceries if I’m at the store.

I also get a lot of “You have your hands full!” and questions about what it’s like with two babies.  The best conversations I’ve had are with people who are also parents of twins.  J.R. and I have both encountered other twin moms and dads and the common theme is this:  they immediately offer encouragement and don’t ask questions.  They say something like: “I know your life is really tough right now, but it’s going to get a easier.  It’s even going to get fun. Hang in there. One night you’re even going to get some sleep!”  A few weeks ago we were at Moe’s with the boys and an older couple came up to us.  They were as sweet as could be and offered up lots of encouragement.  After having their first baby they had twins a year later and then had another baby a year-and-a-half after the twins.  If they can make it so can we!

Anyway, enough talk about how hard it is.  It really is so dang tough, but these boys are getting less fussy by the day which is making things a lot easier.  They are rolling like crazy, “talking” up a storm, and laughing a ton.  It’s amazing and I’m so thankful for each day I get with them.  Here are some pics from Thanksgiving in Melbourne (John is in yellow and Theo is in green).













One thought on “The Things People Say When They See Two Babies

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    What a beautiful family you have!! Enjoy the two bundles of joy. I’m expecting my second baby girl due in February.

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