“You’re having twins?!!”

I’m pretty sure all pregnant ladies get a lot of questions, and I seem to get a ton of additional questions after someone finds out I’m having twins.  Here are some of the questions/comments I get (most of them are pretty reasonable, but some might be better left unsaid!)

Are you having identical or fraternal twins?


What is the difference between identical and fraternal twins?

Here’s a short article that sums it up: Identical vs. Fraternal twins

Do twins run in the family?

This is the #1 question I’m asked.  If you read the article above, you might have noticed that identical twins aren’t hereditary.  However, to answer your question: J.R. has an aunt and uncle that are fraternal twins and I have some distant cousins cousins that are twins.

Are they natural?

Think before you speak!!!

Were you surprised when you found out that it was twins?


Do you have to see the doctor more often since you’re having twins?

Yes. I go every two weeks to a specialist in addition to seeing my normal OB. The twins share a placenta, which means they are at risk for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and a few other things.  So far they have been looking great, praise Jesus!  Please pray with us that both babies will keep growing and getting what they need.

One positive thing about seeing the doctor more is that I get a ridiculous number of ultrasounds – it’s so much fun to see them grow, and it gives me peace of mind seeing them often.

Your belly doesn’t look very big! Are you sure it’s twins?

Yes, I’m very sure there are two babies in there. Just FYI, I spent the last couple months throwing up.  Also, my belly is actually measuring on the bigger side, so I don’t know why I get all these comments.  I guess people think twins and automatically think (and many even say)………

You’re going to be huge!

Why thank you! (I think comments about pregnant people’s belly sizes should be banned, whether you think it’s small or large.)


Here are some questions/comments I get that aren’t specific to twins:

When are you due?

June 7th.  But then some people get confused if they know how far along I am because the math doesn’t add up.  The goal (set by my doctors) is to get to 36 weeks.  Twins don’t stick around in the womb for 40 weeks.  I’m pretty sure I would fall over by then anyway!

Are you having boys or girls?

Two boys! (Identical twins are always the same gender.)  And for all of you who tell me “Good luck, two boys will be crazy!” – I’m really excited about my boys!  I’m pretty sure it would be equally crazy with two girls (think teenage years, people!)

What are their names?

We are 99% decided on names, but I’m going to keep them off the Internet for now 🙂

And finally, I often get some variation of: You look tired/exhausted/wiped/drained. You should get some rest.

Between my back and hips aching, acid reflux, and getting the munchies at 2 a.m., I am not sleeping great.  Please only say this if you’re going to offer me some assistance, like hey, “I’ll bring you dinner!” or “I’ll do this or this for you!” Pointing out that I’m not looking too good doesn’t really help!


Here are some pics from my last ultrasound at 18 weeks:

Here’s Baby A’s foot.  I don’t think we’ve gotten a good profile shot of Baby A since week 12. He’s usually moving around like a wild man and can often be found sitting on Baby B’s head.

Baby A

Meet Baby B.  Baby B is usually found sucking his thumb and is a bit more cooperative for photo ops.

Baby B


I can’t wait to meet them!!