Wedding Chatter :)

Let’s talk wedding.  I just finished putting return address labels on the save-the-dates that will soon be mailed out.  They are so cute (thanks to Ashlee Proffitt Design)!!!  We’ve really gotten so much done in the last month….God’s been providing awesome deals for us.  We have the venue booked- a lovely little country club in Trinity, FL.  We taste-tested on Saturday and the food was amazing.  AMAZING.  Mahi-mahi or stuffed chicken.  I still can’t decide which one to choose for myself but I have more than a few months to figure it out.

We also chose our cake baker- A Piece of Cake.  J.R. and I are not really cake people.  I think it’s my least favorite dessert.  But, we are spicing things up with a cupcake cake.  We’ll have a few different flavors so people have some options (the bride and groom will be chowing down on carrot cake….mmmmm).  We definitely agreed that taste-testing is the best part of wedding planning.  Here’s a pic of the cupcakes we tried:

We have decided to go with TWO photographers.  Our awesome friend Shay (who did our amazing engagement shoot!) of Shay Cochrane Photography is doing some photos beforehand and then we are having Marissa Moss Photography for the ceremony and reception.

As for colors and such, I’m going with a royal blue (David’s Bridal calls it Horizon) and yellow.  The bridesmaids picked out their favorite dress so they’ll all be a little different.  Yellow roses are my choice flower for the moment, but I have not booked a florist yet so it could definitely change.

Well that’s pretty much the current status of things.  There’s lots more to be done but we’ve put a decent dent in the planning.  I keep saying that people should have a huge marriage celebration after you’re actually married….the whole planning process seems to drag out the engagement and we sooo want to be married!  Patience patience patience.  130 days to go.


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